Connect with Ann personally and review what you are looking for in your showcase. We will collaborate to find the best process for you and your studio. 


Ann will provide email templates to easily pass along information to dancers and highlights reels and graphics to start advertising your event. She will also work with your teachers and choreographers

to best understand their vision for the works. 


Relax while Ann and her team collect either personal or Zoom video submissions and create your dance videos so that you can do what you do best, run your studio and provide your dancers with inspiring classes. 


Ann will coordinate your virtual showcase event for you so that you can focus on the dancers and your own hard work throughout the year. Celebrate your graduating seniors and staff, while sharing your virtual showcase video live! Families will be able to purchase the digital video and you can profit from our work!

Personal meetings to collaborate with Ann and her team throughout the process. 

Virtual event planning and execution.

Video creation and collaboration with studio owners, teachers, and choreographers.

The driving force behind Ann’s work is to not only provide dancers with memories from the past year but to help studio owners and directors showcase their best work. Let’s enjoy the process of creating a virtual showcase together and help support your studio or company for the years to come! 

Highlight reels and graphics to use for promotion. 

Make a profit on virtual showcase ticket sales and digital video sales. 

Email templates to send to your studio families and dancers.

Added featured videos to celebrate awards, graduating seniors, and highlighting staff!

Digital copies of: 

- live virtual showcase (organized and edited) 

- showcase video

- individual dances for your archives!

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